SCHMDT Straps was founded by two former corporate professionals who grew tired of two major problems in the Apple Watch band industry.

If you want to add to your collection, you either:

(1) Have to get price-raped by Apple for their ridiculously marked-up bands
(2) Have to deal with shady suppliers located who-knows-where, who use cheap materials and poor manufacturing processes, who make you wait weeks, even months, for your order (and even then, it might be broken or damaged by the time it gets to you...)

Located right here in Raleigh, North Carolina, SCHMDT Straps was founded with the simple goal of making high-quality Apple Watch bands affordable and accessible for all. We spent months curating our collection, communicating with manufacturers, and testing product quality to ensure that the end result that arrives on your doorstep is the absolute best it can be.

We deliver direct from our warehouse here in the U.S., so you don't have to worry about long shipping times, misplaced orders, or any other online shopping nightmare. 

(After all, shopping online should be fun!)

No longer do you have to pay ridiculous mark-ups for the highest quality Apple Watch bands, or worry about shady online vendors who care more about putting money in their pocket than putting a smile on your face.

Your satisfaction is our #1 priority, and we're incredibly grateful for the thousands of happy customers who have made this all possible.

If you ever have any questions, comments, concerns, or just want to talk, feel free to drop us a line at bidniz@schmdtstraps.com. We love hearing from fellow Apple Watch junkies, and will be happy to help any way we can. 

Thanks for everything, and happy shopping!

- Your Friends at SCHMDT Straps



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